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What is Project F4E?

It’s an ambitiously novel attempt at creating something new, a PVE MOBA MMO Rogue lite, that focuses on fostering real life friendships - yep that’s it.

It will control like a MOBA and be very team oriented. You’ll enter missions where you must explore 360 degrees to figure out how to win, there’s not just one way.

It’s all about player agency like a Moba.

Next season

To be announced

Playtests are currently roughly every 4 weeks

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Earn exclusive founder rewards

During this Season, collaborate together and collect 1,000,000 Shards. If you succeed, everyone who played this Season will receive ⭐30 additional Prologue Points.

21456861 / 1000000

Participate in pre-launch seasons and complete season point quests.

⭐10: Login during the Season
⭐20: Add 5 friends to your friend list
⭐20: Win the 1st World Map Mission
⭐20: Get a character to Rank 5
⭐30: Defeat a Netherlord Broodmother
⭐30: Win the 5th World Map Mission

Rewards will be redeemable at the latest when the game launches, allowing you to be uniquely awesome when you welcome the new players.


The Twin Chillers


A special set of chairs for you and your favourite fellow Knight. Sitting down is guaranteed to have you chilling out together immediately.


F4E Buddy Edition


Get the Buddy Edition of the game.
Includes access to play the game on launch - without having to buy it!.


The Chill Table


For when you really need to cool off, this piece of frigid furniture will make sure the drinks you serve are always on the rocks.



To be announced

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