BetaDwarf Entertainment
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Release date:
29 Mar, 2016

PC / Mac / Linux


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Action and deck-building are combined in a Galactic Game Show - but questions gets replaced with deadly Gladiator Battles! You are the contestant - will you die or become a crowd favorite?


The Drone Invasion - The first expansion for SHOWDOWN was released in July 2016 bringing a new character, boss, game mode, modifiers and much more to the show.


  • 4 characters with unique attacks and ability sets + unique cards to mutate and upgrade their abilities. (+1 with the Drone Invasion expansion)
  • Deck-Building with 150+ cards to unlock and use in your deckbuilding. (all in-game; no microtransactions!)
  • 60+ quests unlock content and achievements.
  • Fight in 8 different worlds.
  • Encounter 70+ different enemies.
  • Bonus levels (added in free content update 43)
  • Emblem System: Unlock mastery emblems (added in free content update 42)


Official Forced Showdown Release Trailer YouTube

Forced Showdown Drone Invasion Expansion Release Trailer YouTube

Images & Screenshots

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Awards & Recognition

  • "Best Game with 3D Graphics - Intel Level Up 2014" 11 March 2014
  • "Indie Game Award - MomoCon 2016" 25 May 2016

Selected Articles

  • "The combat feels a lot more accomplished than games like Binding of Isaac."
    - , TotalBiscuit
  • "The deckbuilding aspect is getting more and more entertaining and I feel like I want to keep going back because I'm always unlocking those new cards and getting these different abilities to try out."
    - , TotalBiscuit
  • "Game's pretty dope shit!"
    - , Cryaotic
  • "Extremely fun game with constant action and virtually limitless replayability. Every new battle you start is different, there are endless possibilities of deck building with all 4 characters."
    - , Jyren

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About BetaDwarf Entertainment

BetaDwarf Entertainment is a Danish game development company that started with a bunch of guys sleeping in a university classroom for 7 months trying to learn game development. Through hard work, a kickstarter and a bank loan the team made it to release FORCED. We focus on fun and challenging game experiences and a multitude of platforms, but mostly those which are for the hardcore gamers - Playstation, Xbox and PC. We are not a huge team but we have some quite ambitious goals. We wish to market our games ourselves, be completely independent and offer high quality products with the help of our growing community. We develop our games as a solid standalone product with patches added regularly and DLC later if the community likes it. We look forward to offering gamers awesome gameplay experiences. -The BetaDwarf Crew

More information
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Steffen Kabbelgaard
CEO, Game Director

Kenneth Harder
Lead Programmer

Kristian Klie
Gameplay Programmer

Alex Jørgensen

Peter Buje
Lead Game Designer

Kristian Romer
Sound Designer / Audio Director

Christoffer Greulich

Alexander Karlsson
Technical Artist

Martin Prestegaard Lehnsdal
3D Artist

Stefan Greulich
Art Director

Ejnar Haakonsen
Game Designer

Richard Peck

Björn Trollmo Rogetzky
Graphics Programmer

Mona Skoog
3D Artist

Silas Amdi
2D Artist - Card Illustrator

Alexander Kramerov
3D Artist - Card Illustrator



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