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Minion Masters developer BetaDwarf raises $6.6 million for ‘friendshipping’ games

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FORCED SHOWDOWN available on Steam


FORCED available on Steam


About us

BetaDwarf is an ambitious venture company where we push the boundaries of co-op games to create lifelong friendships all around and across the world.

Joined by the illustrious London Venture Partners, Makers Fund, 1Up Ventures and Everblue Management we’re on a journey to becoming a front-runner in games that also attacks a society epidemic; loneliness.

It all started in Copenhagen with a small group squatting in a university classroom for 7 months, getting discovered and moving in together for 3 years. Through a kickstarter, a private bank loan and perseverance we released FORCED, selling 500,000+ copies and since reaching millions of players with Minion Masters.
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