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Minion Masters is the first free-to-play tug-of-war game for both PC and Xbox!

Players choose a Master and build decks from hundreds of cards to challenge friends and rivals in online real-time Minion battles.

Set in the vibrant and colourful universe of FORCED, where the AI called C-SAR throws contestants into wacky and dangerous game shows, humour and brutality combine in the unique blend that FORCED fans have come to love.

There’s something new every month in Minion Masters. Events activate where Streamers earn keys for their viewers or players select new cards for the game! You can also join tournaments! Like the community hosted King Puff Cup that’s been active since the very beginning!

With multiple online modes planned, such as ranked, draft and two vs two, the Minion Masters release in Early 2018 is bound to be a blast!


Released on Steam Early Access December 2nd 2016.


  • Duel players from around the world in real-time
  • Earn gold to unlock rewards, collect powerful new cards and even new Masters
  • Each Minion Master is a unique experience with different strategic advantages
  • Craft cards and expand your collection with the Minions and Spells you want
  • Gain rating and see how you Rank
  • Construct the ultimate Deck to defeat your opponents
  • Challenge your friends to a private duel
  • Learn different battle tactics by studying replays


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About BetaDwarf Entertainment

BetaDwarf Entertainment is a Danish game development company that started with a bunch of guys sleeping in a university classroom for 7 months trying to learn game development. Through hard work, a kickstarter and a bank loan the team made it to release FORCED. We focus on fun and challenging game experiences and a multitude of platforms, but mostly those which are for the hardcore gamers - Playstation, Xbox and PC. We are not a huge team but we have some quite ambitious goals. We wish to offer high quality products with the help of our growing community. We develop our games as a solid standalone product with patches added regularly and DLC later if the community likes it. We look forward to offering gamers awesome gameplay experiences. -The BetaDwarf Crew

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Minion Masters Credits

Steffen Kabbelgaard
CEO, Game Director

Kenneth Harder
Lead Programmer

Kristian Klie
Gameplay Programmer

Alex Jørgensen

Peter Buje
Lead Game Designer

Kristian Rømer
Sound Designer / Audio Director

Christoffer Greulich

Alexander Karlsson
Technical Artist

Martin Prestegaard Lehnsdal
3D Artist

Stefan Greulich
Art Director

Adrian Goudard



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