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Project F4E is a Hardcore Fantasy Extraction RPG game currently in production.

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About the game

In Project F4E, you can team up with your friends or strangers and use magical Portals to explore dangerous fantasy environments and gather epic loot to become stronger.

However, you're not alone as there are other teams with their own goals.

You can choose to avoid them and focus on getting loot from monsters or hunt them to get their gear. But beware… If you die, you will lose all the gear you haven't placed in your stash! The unpredictability of each session offers great replayability and makes it easy for friends to have continuous play sessions together. You can also team up with strangers in the game and ignite brand-new friendships.

Through Project F4E, we aim to create new friendships by engaging in tense and hardcore sessions with high stakes where you must work together to survive and extract.

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