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BetaDwarf Entertainment

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About BetaDwarf

BetaDwarf Entertainment is a Danish game development company that started with a bunch of guys sleeping in a university classroom for 7 months trying to learn game development. Through hard work, a kickstarter and a bank loan the team made it to release FORCED.

We focus on fun and challenging game experiences and a multitude of platforms, but mostly those which are for the hardcore gamers - PC, Xbox and Playstation.

We are not a huge team but we have some quite ambitious goals. We wish to offer high quality products with the help of our growing community.

We develop our games as a solid standalone product with patches added regularly and DLC later if the community likes it.

We look forward to offering gamers awesome gameplay experiences.

-The BetaDwarf Crew

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If you are applying for an internship, note that only 3+ months works for us and that we might not reply, as we get many requests.

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